AuditBoard Rebrand

AuditBoard is a SaaS technology company revolutionizing enterprise audit and compliance software. With AuditBoard’s SOX solution, enterprises can collaborate, manage, analyze and report on internal controls and risks in real time. I worked with the founders in 2017 to create the company's new identity.






Visual Design

The Problem

The original brand identity of AuditBoard lacked the flexibility to accommodate additional sass solutions. The 2017 rebrand was made in-house to represent all of the solutions in the AuditBoard suite that includes its flagship software, SOXHUB.

Our Process

The new visual language is inspired by the universe’s gravitational model of planetary systems. We form this concept to represent AuditBoard’s 360-degree approach to auditing solutions. As part of the “audit universe”, our solutions are interconnected under one brand that manages all aspects of the auditing process. For each phase of the process, we worked with stakeholders as well as clients to get a hollister feedback of the new visual identity.

The Identity

The new logo and visual language are distinctly AuditBoard: bold, robust and flexible. These core elements establish the brand as a leader in the auditing world all while allowing for scalability as the brand expands. In addition, we developed Auditboard’s primary color, ultramarine to create a sense of trust and reliability, two pillars that are embedded within the company’s mission.

Brand Guidelines

We created our brand guidelines as a single source of truth for our identity—a living design system across all platforms. Rather than rigid parameters, we set principles that allow for easy integration with product and marketing.

Wedsite & Landing

We teamed up with marketing team to create a new website for the rebrand. With a critical focus on potential clients, we built the main landing page around personas and created a narrative for each flagship product. The UX experience is tailored to highlight each product's features and how they address critical pain points for our users.